Why Your Chimney Really Ought To Be Seen To By A Professional

The next time you look up, there may not even be a chimney to see. Or one cold night in the middle of winter as you are about to get a fire going, all hell breaks loose and tons of soot, and much worse, bricks and mortar, come tumbling down. So ask yourself this question today, when last did you take advantage of a professional chimney service to take care of a much neglected area of your home. For that matter, you may as well ask yourself when last anyone of a professional standing had been up on your roof.

professional chimney service

Three things need to happen here. You will not be mounting the ladder, so there will be no risk to your person. Perhaps you were a tad scared before, but now you know, don’t go up there and let a pro get down to the matters at hand. These three matters will include checking that all gutters are clear of leaves and debris and that there are no loose tiles across your roof. The cream on the top of these three essential risk management control exercises will be the servicing of your chimney.

It is a huge operation at this stage because it has been years since anyone has been down that funnel. Not that the professional chimney repair and maintenance technician needs to at this stage. A first inspection can and will, more than likely, be carried out in your living room. You can be quite sure that he will be shielding himself with protective gear. And up the chimney goes his digital camera. See, no-one needing to climb up or down the chimney.

Well, not yet anyway, not until after he has seen the neglected damage.